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Contrary to belief the Jews support Mr. Ahmadinejad provocations to start the war in Lebanon. Just read the article by Mr. Kissinger. Mr. Ahmadinejad destroyed everything that was built in last 16 years in Lebanon in two weeks.

It seems nobody is aware of the background to the war. Two days before the war started, Mr. Larijani the national security president of Iran was on the way to negotiate with European Union on the nuclear issue. Mr. Ahmadinejad went to airport and with a gun threat took Mr. Larijani out of the plane in Tehran. This was reported in the mass media in Iran.

The reason for this was a conflict in the leadership in IRI about how to deal with EU. Mr. Ahmadinjead was recommending the war in Lebanon instead for negotiations. And that is what happened.

Also Mr. Ahmadinejad was behind the Pakistani terror bombings of Mumbai. Pakistan was probalby carrying out these bombings at the request of Mr. Ahmadinejad. All these manuevers were to strenghten the hands of Mr. Ahmadinejad in the ruling elite. Also he went to Azerbaijan with his Pan-Turkist slogans.

To understand these developments read this text:

President Ahmadinejad is showing grey wolves pan-turkist sign in Azerbaijan. Ahmadinejad speaks fluent Azeri Turk language and is an Azeri Turk. Grey Wolves are Pan-Turkist nationalist.

Mr. Ahmadinejad is a Pan-Turkist. But he is not a secular Pan-Turkist. Iran is planning to destablize Turkey and impose a Taliban state on Turkey. Recent developments in Lebanon has started the process in Turkey with mass demonstrations. Mr. Ahmadinejad is seeking the talibanization of the whole region from Afghanistan to Turkey. That is what is going on.

This is Pan-Turkism in reverse. Pan-Turkism by Anatolian turks aims to bring secular turkish states in the region. Pan-Turkism in Iran aims at to impose a Taliban state on neighboring countries.

Also you should follow their politics in Iraq and Lebanon. More long term targets for Talibalization are both Pakistan and Suadi Arabia.

Parts of US government together with CIA are planning a massive Talibanization of the whole region from Turkey to Iraq to Iran to Afghanistan even going into central Asia. The aim of this Talibanization is get control the oil resources in the Middle East with the least costs.

This is the "Greater Middle East Project" or "Taliban European Union" for Middle East by US. The "Taliban European Union" is supposed to limit the influence of Europeans in the Middle East. To do this it is necessary to remove all Secular states in the region. Turkey is the primary target. But even countries such as Pakistan and Suadi Arabia are considered as "Secular states" in this scheme.

To do this Mr. Ahmadinejad is promoted as the "champion of Moslems" in the Middle East. The Lives of the Arab Palestians and the people of Lebanon is used as the business assets of Mr. Ahmadinejad.

US had no plan to install secular states or democracy in the region. This also avoids direct US military intervention.

Mr. Ahmadinejad is going to carry out these plans on behalf of the US. After starting the war in Lebanon, the Azeri Turk Mr. Ahmadinejad went to Tajikstan as some kind of "Cyrus the Great, The King of Persian Empire".

To understand the theory behind these developments, check sources on Mr. Brezhinski , advisor to President Carter who is the creator of these theories. The "Islamic Green Belt" theory was originally directed at the Soviet Union. Today it is directed also at Europeans. Both Taliban in Afghanistan and the "Islamic Revolution in Iran" are the results of these theories.

Islamic Fundamentalism made in US

Both Russians, Chinese and Europeans have exposed these American plans. The regime in Tehran have the support of Jews internationally to carry out these plans. Just check latest articles in New York times about Lebanon.

It seems that Lebanon was a trap for Mr. Ahmadinejad. One of the conditions for the normalizations or Iran relation with west offered by Europeans was to cut off aid to Hezbollah.

Mr. Ahmadinejad beleived that a short war would serve his purpose. It seems Israel has destroyed a lot of Hezbollah infrastructure in Lebanon and have started to isolate them politically. This trend would undermine the position of Mr. Ahmadinejad in Iran's leadership. Mr. Ahmadinejad is looking desperately for a cease-fire now.

How do you define America's "greater Middle East plan"?
This is an American plan to create a safety zone for Israel. The plan has three axes: One, Israel. Two, an American military force stationed in the region to be ready to help Israel and three, transforming the countries of the region to sterile secular governments. All these three goals have not been realized. Israel does not have the security that it aspired to have. Americans are in a quagmire in Afghanistan and Iraq. Also, as you can see, there are Islamic movements from Algeria to Turkey….A new Middle East is being shaped now-not one led by the Americans but by the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Who is Shariatmadari

Sanctions Don’t Mean Anything’
A representative of Iran's supreme leader discusses why Tehran won't give up its uranium enrichment plans, the effect of the Israel-Hizbullah conflict and relations with the United States.
By Nisid Hajari and Maziar Bahari

Updated: 2:44 p.m. MT Aug 1, 2006
Aug. 1, 2006 - Hossein Shariatmadari is much more than a journalist. The president of the conservative Kayhan group of newspapers and magazines has traditionally been a mouthpiece for the regime in Tehran, and is appointed personally by Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khameini.

The interview Shows clearly what Azeri Turk regime in Tehran is suggesting. It confirms the previous analysis. Azeri Turks are suggesting "The Great Middle East Plan" under an Islamic cover instead for secular one. The "Taliban Middle East" has the support of parts of US government, The CIA and the Jewish Lobby in US. The "Taliban Middle East Plan" under the leadership of Azeri Turks in Tehran would eliminate the need for US military intervention and provides secure oil supply and control at the cheapest price for US at the expense of Europe, Russia and China. It will also expand into the central asia in subsequent stages. All this is achieved with some simple slogans about "Zionism" "Jihad" and "Islam" entertaining people with demonstrations against the "Great Satan" on the streets of the middle east. To increase the drama it is also necessary to shoot some rockets at Israel once in a while.

Train Station in Turkey is used for prayer

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Tarig Anter said...

Persians are totally different from Iranians, although Iranians became Persian speakers. The Turkic Persian is dividing the Iranians, but the Kurds are native Iranians. Israel is working to create distrust between Kurds and other Iranians. It requires some understanding from both parties and help from the Russians, Syrians and Egyptians.

The native Iranians are peaceful and civilized contrary to the Turkic Persians, Turkic fake Israelite, Turkic Anatolia, and Turkic rulers of Arabia. The Kurds and the rest of native Iranians will soon realize the dangers of distrust and the gains of reconciliation and cure the damages of Persians.